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Why we choose Ignitia for OCA...

Grades 3 - 12

Beginning in Grade 3, students can use our online curriculum for their core subjects (English, math, history, and science) and some elective courses. This switch only occurs, however, if your child is developmentally ready for it. Tests and quizzes are also introduced in Grade 3.

Ignitia is an award-winning, multi-media curriculum provided by Alpha Omega Publishing. It combines reading comprehension, video clips, and learning games to teach the lessons. Daily lesson plans are laid out for each student in an easy-to-follow format, clearly highlighting which assignments are due, which assignments are past due, and which assignments are coming up.


Following the instruction portion of the lesson, students will answer questions, do a project, or take a quiz or test. Lessons are mastery-based, meaning that students must achieve or pass a threshold score before being allowed to continue. Assignments, quizzes, and tests are graded immediately so no time is lost waiting for grades to be returned.

Free Bible Courses

The Bible is the foundation of all our subjects and is a required course in all grad-levels for full-time enrollment. It also stands alone as its own course and is FREE. Bible classes are taught through online video instruction or by assigned reading, research, or craft projects. These courses personally introduce each child to Jesus Christ, reinforce Bible teachings, and explain Bible prophecy and church history.

Kindergarten through Grade 2


OCA’s daily lesson plans for this age group encourage parents to involve their children in outside activities. Gardening, animal care, bird watching, simple astronomy, rock collections, landscaping, and other hands-on projects are the assignments given to this age group to teach the concepts of math and science.


History and grammar are learned through the reading of biographies, crafts, fieldtrips, cooking, story telling, songs, and other multi-sensory projects.


Play and physical labor is the medium through which lessons are best learned at this age. “[Children] should be much in the open air. … And their only textbooks should be the treasures of nature. These lessons, imprinted upon the minds of young children amid the pleasant, attractive scenes of nature, will not soon be forgotten.” Fundamentals of Christian Education, 21.


When textbooks are used, they are from Abeka or Bob Jones publishers.


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