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We’re excited you’re here. Orion Christian Academy (OCA) was developed with the understanding that education must be experienced. It is not a series of mindless assignments or meaningless classes. Instead, education is the life-changing transformation of a mind from ignorance to understanding; the sacred study of God’s creative masterpieces; and the chronicles of His hand in the lives of humankind.
At Orion, we believe that quality education is multi-faceted – combining academic excellence, spiritual growth, and community service. Our goal is to prepare young people to meet the challenges of life – not just school. We look past the pages of the textbooks and step outside the walls of the classroom into a fast-changing, global society rich in experiential knowledge. Ultimately, we direct our students to look even higher, to the greatest Teacher of all, where an eternal education can be obtained.





Orion Christian Academy allows students the freedom to learn at their own pace. Games, videos, and reading assignments provide a variety of learning tools to reinforce concepts. Classwork and hands-on projects are submitted online, with most of it corrected immediately. Easy access to teachers and class sessions allow students the direction they need to succeed. Grades can be viewed easily by both students and parents. A variety of enrollment options allow families the flexibility to create a learning environment that is tailored to their child's needs. Contests, projects, and year-end activities allow students to gain a sense of community, while never losing their God-given individualities.


Enroll today and join the learning adventure with Orion Christian Academy!

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