October 31 is a good day to learn about Martin Luther. What can you do? Here's a few suggestions:

1) Watch a film or documentary about his life (here's a short sample:


2) Download the activity pages below.



        English            Espanol


3) Sing "A Mighty Fortress" (101) or "Castillo fuerte es nuestro Dios" (101).

4) Learn about Gutenberg's printing press here


5) Bake some Luther Bread (recipe here). We recommend using vegan substitutions for the eggs, milk, and butter and leaving off the chocolate shavings for a healthier version of this recipe. 

6) Read and discuss a chapter about one of the Reformers in the book "The Great Controversy."


Enjoy learning about what God did through Martin Luther on this day in 1517!


         Woman of Beauty, 

Mother of Courage


They had already taken her husband. Marie was determined not to lose another member of her family to the Soviet death machine. Escape from Estonia was her only option. On the eve of the Communist take-over in 1944, Marie and her children rolled out of Tallinn on the back of a Nazi convoy towards an uncertain future. But, would they now become a victim of Nazi power? Find out as you read the inspiring true story of Marie. Click the shop now button to order your copy.








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The Brainy


By: Kip and Mona Lisa Harding





Two parents share the extraordinary and inspirational story of how they sent six of their ten children to college by the age of twelve—and how any parent can achieve the same amazing success.

If the Harding family can do it, your family can too!

Having six out of ten kids go to college is no small feat on its own, but having six kids in college by the age of twelve— that’s nothing short of incredible. Meet Kip and Mona Lisa Harding, high school sweethearts whose simple homeschooling method produced exactly those extraordinary results. Kip and Mona Lisa are parents to an engineer (who earned her BS in mathematics at 17), an architect (who finished her five-year program at 18 and became the youngest member of the American Institute of Architects), a Navy physician (who earned her biology degree at 17), an entrepreneur (who earned a BA in English at 15 and an MS in computer science at 17), a 15-year-old college senior studying music theory and performance, a 12-year-old Middle Ages scholar with the highest average in his college class, and four others who are following fast in their siblings’ footsteps! No wonder the family is so used to being asked: How did you do it?

The Hardings are the first to say they’re not geniuses. Nor do they run a strict, high-pressure household. Instead, they find out early what really motivates their children, instill their kids with dreams, and allow those dreams to blossom. In a remarkable, down-to-earth narrative that is part captivating memoir, part invaluable guidebook for parents, Kip and Mona Lisa reveal with warmth and humility the strategies behind their family’s amazing educational accomplishments. Filled with daily regimens, advice for providing children with fulfilling experiences that go beyond the home, and tips for making the transition to college, theirs is an inspirational real-life success story that anyone can achieve—whether you homeschool your children or not.

The Brainy Bunch is uplifting and ultimately relatable proof of what any family can accomplish through dedication, love, faith, and hard work.



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